Our History

The fourth oldest restoration church in Texas, Western Heights Church of Christ has a history almost as old as the state itself. Only the churches at Hallsville, Clarksville and McKinney predate the Sherman church.

Non-denominational in structure, the group reportedly first met in the year 1850 as part of a revival camp meeting. The congregation celebrated its sesquicentennial in May of 2000.

In 1874, the church built their first building at the corner of Houston and Montgomery streets. In 1907, that building was moved off the lot and a new building erected. For many years, the Houston Street Church of Christ was a presence in the downtown area. The building was later sold and became home to “Locke the Tinner”. It was sold a second time and was known as “The Shirt Shack” until the building burned in 1998.

In 1920, a brick building was erected at the corner of Walnut and Cherry streets. That building has earned a niche in church history because it was completely paid for before being occupied, and at the time of its construction, it was called the “finest owned by churches of Christ in Texas.”

Although responsible for planting at least three other congregations in the city, the church remained at this location until 1964 when a building on Travis Street replaced it. In July of 1993, the congregation moved to a new building at 800 Baker Park Drive.

Membership has fluctuated from about 45 in 1874 to more than 600, prior to establishment of other congregations. Currently about 500 persons call Western Heights their home church.