Iron Sharpens Iron - Parent/Teen Dialogue

Best Use

As a guide to mutual encouragement toward goals for parents and teens

Nutritional Value

Helps adult and emerging adult family members set personal and spiritual discipline goals and help one another stay motivated

Advance Preparation

Schedule a dinner or coffee date within the next few weeks.

During the Date

  • Using the guide on the next page, discuss and identify at least one new goal that you each would like to “sharpen” and why you chose that goal.
  • Spend some time exploring how you could do these things together and/or help one another stay motivated.
  • If you both have a mobile device, add specific reminders to support these disciplines onto your schedule.

Sharpening Goals

Proverbs 27:17 says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Identify goals for physical, intellectual, and/or spiritual growth and discuss how you can partner together in these goals:

To get in better shape physically I want to…

  1. Eat a healthier diet. Options include:
    • Use a mobile app to track calories
    • Grocery shop together to find healthier options
  2. Start an exercise routine. Options include:
    • Walk/run together 3 times a week
    • Start a bike ride routine together

To sharpen my mind I want to…

  1. Read more. Options include:
    • Select one book per month to read/discuss
    • Read during the same time each day for ____ minutes and text each other when done.
  2. Study more for school/job performance. Options include:
    • Ask about an assignment/job goal on Fridays
    • Set a new rule—no TV/Facebook/phone until you’ve finished studying for ___ minutes.

To grow spiritually I want to…

  1. Regularly pray or read the Bible. Options include:
    • Text one another daily/weekly prayer concerns
    • Select a book of the Bible to read one chapter per day
  2. Serve others. Options include:
    • Find a ministry at church we can serve in together
    • Identify an elderly/disabled member or neighbor we can serve monthly.

If none of the above goals appeal to you, come up with some other ones!