The Love Journal

Best Use

As an ongoing process for expressing love, devotion and commitment to one another

Nutritional Value

The Love Journal is a great way to open up sharing with one another, since it is often easier to express feelings and appreciation in writing than it is face to face.

Advance Preparation

  • Plan a time (date night, quiet moment at home, etc.) to discuss incorporating the Love Journal into your relationship
  • Purchase a journal or notebook together, or give it as a gift from one spouse to the other.

Serve It Up

On your date/discussion, plan out your process:

  1. Designate a location where you will pass the journal back and forth such as the bathroom sink counter or each other’s pillows. You can also place it in a “surprise” spot, but make sure it’s obvious enough for them to find! 
  2. Take turns periodically passing the journal back and forth. You may want to mark your calendar on specific days or once a month that you want to be sure that you take the time to write a love note to your spouse. 
  3. If you give the journal as a gift to your spouse, start the process by writing a love note before you give it. 
  4. It is fun to write the date of when you write your love notes so that you can look back and see the special things that you have written each other over the years. This journal can be passed through the generations, leaving a legacy of love to share with others. They will have no doubt about your love and commitment to one another. 

Use the following as ideas to help craft meaningful love notes:

  • I Appreciate You – Share the gratitude you feel for how your spouse serves and sacrifices for your family. 
  • I Admire You – Let your spouse know the qualities that you see in him/her such as character, persistence, patience, grace, strength, etc. 
  • I Affirm You – Encourage your spouse when they respond well to different situations or circumstances. 
  • My Prayer For You – Write out a prayer that you are praying for your spouse, possibly about something specific that’s happening that you know they are worried about. 
  • Favorite Memory – Record a fond memory you have of your spouse and why it means so much to you. 
  • Special Occasions – Take some time for a birthday, anniversary or holiday to share a love note in your journal. Be specific about the special occasion and the write in a context that will be meaningful to your spouse. 
  • Just Because – Just write a short note with no theme!