Rooming Assignments

Friday Night Rooms

Check out of these rooms Saturday morning between 10:00 am and 10:30 am. If you need to change your clothes, use one of the HS rooms or the bathroom in our meeting room.

301- Carl Akins, Lori Akins

317 - Scott Horsley, Hannah Horsley

330 - Brooke Woodrow, Chris Woodrow, Woody Woodrow, Sandi Woodrow

320 - Katie Wiggains, Mikayla Wiggains, Zoe Wiggains

307 - Neil Brown, Jayna Brown, Baley Brown*, Brady Brown

311 - Tim Dungan, Buffy Dungan, Lena Dungan*, Kinsey Dungan

332 - David Sharp, Sandra Sharp, Alyssa Sharp

304 - Brandon Beckett, Jamie Beckett, Bella Beckett, Luke Beckett

306 - Gwena Beckett, Hope Beckett, Kymberly Stewart, Skylar Akins

310 - Cariana Haker, Cassie Haker, Ava Lux, Faith Horsley

316 - Eileen Morris, Lily Williams, Jacey Wiggains, Lydia Horsley

314 - Mitch Wiggains, Caleb Akins, Michael Saculla

Friday/Saturday Rooms

Check out of these rooms Sunday morning before going to the Chorus/Drama Presentations.

351 - Dane Gentzler, Triva Gentzler

309 - Connor Horsley, Justin Davis, Jayson Beckett

308 - David Carter, Jacob Hackett, Dylan Commons

312 - Junior Jaimes, Richie Jaimes, Ryan Gentzler, Collin Lowe

315 - Destinee Raisor, Hannah Potapov, Kelsey Lux

318 - Miranda Wilcox, Erin McCoy, Kayla Davis, Megan McCoy

321 - Jesse Trammell, Colten Raisor, Baley Brown*, Ben Reid

313 - Kristen Gentzler, Jillian Hackett, Lena Dungan*

303 - Jonathan Hackett, Renee Hackett

Students with an * will stay in different rooms each night. They need to move their luggage to the new room by Saturday morning at 10 am.