Below you can view our schedule for Western Heights. We will update this schedule with specific event times as they become available.


11:00 pm - Curfew: everyone must be in his or her room. Before 10 pm, pick up your breakfast items in the Hospitality Room.


8:00 am - 9th-10th Speech (Lena D in Cattle Barons; Justin D in Wildcatters)

8:00 am - 7th-8th Puppets in MIT 9 (Skylar A, Hope B, Cassie H, Faith H, Ava L, Alyssa S, Kymberly S)

8:30 am - 9th-10th Signing in MIT 6 (Jillian H, Colten R, Collin L)

9:50 am - 7th-8th Signing for the Deaf in MIT 6 (Ava L, Kayla D)

9:50 am - 5th-6th Song Leading (Brady B) in Glasscock

9:50 am - 11th-12th Large Chorus in Enterprize 1 (Skylar A, Hope B, Jayson B, Dylan C, Faith H, Lydia H, Collin L, Lena D, Cassie H, Kelsey L, Megan M, Hannah P, Colten R, Benjamin R, Jesse T, Jacey W, Lily W)

9:50 am - 7th-8th Speech (Kinsey D) in Harvester

10:00-10:30 am - Move all of your luggage to the Hospitality Room and check out of your hotel room, unless you’re staying Saturday night. You MUST be checked out by 11:00. Text Chris when you've checked out!

11:30-1:30 pm - Lunch (Hospitality Room) and Group Picture (Time TBD)

11:50 am - 11th-12th Song Leading (Megan M in Vandergriff; Jacob H, Jesse T in Hobby)

11:50 am - 3rd-4th Signing for the Deaft (Jacey W) in MIT 6

1:40 pm - 9th-10th Song Leading (Baley B) in Hobby

1:40 pm - 11th-12th Signing for the Deaf (Kelsey L) in MIT 6

3:30 pm - Drama in Enterprize 5

5:00 pm - Everyone meets in the Hospitality Room.

 - All 3rd-8th students will leave for home. UPDATE: Except for the elementary puppet team!

 - All 9th-12th students will help load the bus, then head out to eat.

5:20 pm - 5th-6th Small Puppets in MIT 9 (Caleb A, Brady B, Lydia H, Michael S, Lily W)

7:00 pm - 3rd-8th students arrive at Western Heights.

9:30 pm - HS Devotional (Hospitality Room)

11:30 pm - HS Curfew: everyone must be in his or her room. Before 10 pm, pick up your breakfast items in the Hospitality Room.


8:00 am - Load up luggage and check out of your hotel room.

8:30 am - Chorus/Drama Presentations

9:30 am - Worship (We will leave immediately following worship and will not have time to change clothes.)

12:00 pm - Arrive back at Western Heights


12:00 pm - Meet at church building, load the trailer, and receive instructions.

1:00 pm - Leave for LTC Convention

4:00 pm - 11th-12th Puppets in MIT 9 (Ryan G, Jayson B, Dylan C, Jacob H, Colten R)

5:00 pm - 3rd-12th Signing for the Deaf Make-Up in MIT 6 (Cassie H, Faith H, Kinsey D, Lena D, Hannah P)

5:30-6:30 pm - Dinner (Hospitality Room)

7:00-10:00 pm - Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz in Enterprize (Quiz = Justin D, Kayla D, Kinsey D, Jillian H; Bowl = Michael S, Lydia H, Jacey W, Alyssa Sharp)

8:00 pm - Bible Reading Girls in Wildcatters (Hope B, Faith H, Ava L, Kelsey L, Skylar A, Megan M)

8:00 pm - Bible Reading Boys in Carter (Jayson B, Ryan G, Caleb A, Benjamin R, Jesse T)

Hotel Map and Directions


We will be traveling to the Hyatt Regency at the DFW Airport. You can click here for directions in Google Maps.

If you are entering the airport from the north, head to the FAR RIGHT side of the ticket booths. This will allow you to get a "Ticket Only" lane. Get that ticket stamped at the hotel desk, and you won't pay any fees for traveling into the airport.

Follow signs for Terminal C, then look for signs to the Hyatt Regency.


This is a digital representation of the map, along with event locations: