Deacon led Ministries

  • Benevolence

    The Benevolence Ministry provides financial and food assistance to those in need in our community.  The help rendered is for immediate needs based on available funds and is not intended for long term care. 

    (Led by Frank Brown)

  • Family Strengthening

    The Family Strengthening Ministry seeks to nurture and strengthen all aspects of the family based on the principles of God’s Holy Word. It is focused on significantly strengthening marriages, parenting skills, and family relationships through classes, activities, and family based events. 

  • Finance

    The purpose of the Finance Ministry is to account for the budget. It can be a difficult job keeping up with receipts, contributions, paychecks, and bills, but somebody's got to do it. 

    (led by Richey Rivers)

  • Helping Hands

    The Helping Hands Ministry provides physical assistance to those in need, both in our community and in our church family. From changing lightbulbs to building houses, we seek to fulfill the call of Philippians 2:4 - “Let each of you look not to his own interests, but also to the interests of others”.

    The “CIA (Compassion in Action)” team is connected with our Helping Hands Ministry. This ministry has a fully stocked disaster relief trailer and has travelled to many locations of disasters throughout the country to provide relief efforts. Those involved in this effort will likely travel to places of need when required. 

    (led by Joe Brown)

  • Iglesia

    Part of the Western Heights family is comprised of a Spanish speaking community. This ministry works alongside the Hispanic minister helping in any way they can.

    (led by Miguel Gonzalez)

  • Information technology

    The Information Technology Ministry implements the use of computer, effective software and the internet to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of all Western Heights ministries in achieving their missions. If you are the one your family turns to in order to fix their computer/internet problems, this ministry may be the one for you.

  • Life Groups

    The Life Groups Ministry of Western Heights seeks to develop disciples of Jesus and foster connections to the Family of God through small groups that meet in homes outside of the Sunday morning Bible class and worship time. These groups engage in fellowship, Bible study, times of prayer, and works of service as they grow together in Christ.

    (led by David Hoover)

  • Missions

    The Missions Ministry oversees foreign and domestic mission efforts of Western Heights.  It also provides opportunities and encourages WHCC members to go and make disciples of all people through local efforts and church-wide mission trips.  

    (led by Marcus Olds and Steve Prock)

  • New Member Involvement

    The New Member Involvement Ministry informs new members about Western Heights and connects them to relationships and ministries where they can be involved and live out their faith with the Western Heights family. 

    (Led by Ken Mullins and Aaron Wilson)

  • outreach

    The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone through personal witnessing and the sharing the word of God.  In addition, this ministry seeks to equip individuals to serve one another within their families, communities, the nation and our world.   This ministry also provides spiritual, educational and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote relationships with the community.

    (led by Carl Akins and Nathan Zorrilla

  • Physical Plant

    As the title suggests, this ministry heads up the planning and upkeep of the building. With anything from upgrading the lights, reorganizing the storage, to planning for a new roof, this ministry keeps busy. 

    (led by Reese Brentzel)

  • Senior Life

    The purpose of the Senior Life Ministry is to serve the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our senior members.  This ministry focuses on senior life as a community within the church by providing activities and events that encourage individual spiritual growth and group identification and belonging.  It is important that each of the members that are part of our ministry are visited as often as possible to ensure their safety and needs are being met.  

    (led by David Parker)

  • Worship Ministry

    The Worship Ministry strives to enhance our worship time by getting volunteers for various aspects of our services. This ministry also makes copies of DVDs and CDs for anyone who wants one.