The Bible is full of encouragement and warning about how we use our gifts, talents, and money. But if we were to sum it up, it might be in the word "generous". Over and over again we are called to be generous with our love, with our time, and with our resources. 

*Note: We are in the process of changing our online giving portal (company).

To support the ministries at Western Heights, please click the link to our new giving portal.

Transitioning from PushPay to Subsplash Giving

We are making a change in our online giving company. The 3 biggest reasons for this switch are an all-in-one package, an overall lower cost, and highest level of security for giving.

If you have never set up a recurring gift (with our old giving portal), then all you need to do is click on the new link (above) and start giving there. 

But if you have set up a recurring gift through PushPay (our old giving portal), then you will need to log in and stop the recurring gift and set up a new recurring gift in Subsplash (our new giving portal).

Delete recurring contribution in PushPay

If you are unfamiliar with logging into Pushpay, follow these instructions:

  • Access to PushPay site by clicking the "PushPay" button below.


  • From the giving screen (shown below), select "Your Account" in the upper right and follow the instructions to log into PushPay.

Next, follow these instructions to delete your recurring payment. (Note:  your payment will say "Western Heights."

  • Once logged into to your account, on the right hand side of your screen, you should see a "Scheduled Gifts" section. Click the name of the church next to the gift you with to edit.
  • Click "Cancel" in the upper, right hand corner of the screen.
  • Click the "Yes" button in the confirmation modal.
  • When the recurring schedule is deleted, you'll see the message: "Success - You have successfully cancelled this recurring gift. No future gifts will occur."

Once your recurring gift is cancelled in PushPay, please go to our new giving portal and feel free to set up a new recurring gift. And we thank you for supporting the ministries at Western Heights.

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